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August 13, 2009 at 23:25
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Axaptapedia – The wiki for Ax!

Microsoft Dynamics AX Community – *The* AX community site, with blogs, forums and more.
Axapta Programming newsgroups – For all your Ax community needs
PartnerSource – Microsoft’s portal for Ax partners
MSDN Library – SDK information
Channel 9 – A Microsoft community site
″How Do I″ Videos – Videos for Microsoft Dynamics AX developers

Dynamics Ax blogs
Tom Van Dyck – SjakalAx
Jeroen Doens –
Kashperuk Ivan – Always helping on the newsgroups
Max Belugin – Ax Coder
Oscar Londono – C# and AX Development
Fred Shen – Dynamics AX Development
Greg Philpott – Greg On Dynamics Ax
Sumit Loya – Tech Ax Consultant
Arijit Basu – MVP
Dick Wenning – AxStart (MVP)
Palle Agermark – AX developer and consultant
Axel Kühn – Aku’s AX Blog (MVP)
DeniZone – On Dynamics AX
Helmut Wimmer – Axapta Blog
David Bowles – Dave’s Dynamics AX Blog
Dick Wenning – Dynamics AX specialist (MVP)
Denis Fedotenko – Investigating DAX
Björn Olievier – SysDictCoder
Peterson Ferreira – Development & Functional (in Portuguese)
Brandon George – *Very* active AX blogger
Patrick Kränzlin – Articles about development around Dynamics AX
Florian Dittgen – Florian’s Dynamics Ax Blog
Glen Hassell – Glen’s Blog about AX programming
Heinz Schweda – Dynamics AX Blog (in German)
Kamalakannan Elangovan – An Dynamics Ax blog on development, technology and more…
BM – BM’s Dynamics AX
Vladimir Senih – Dynamic Point of View
Dilip Nair – Dynamics AX and related MS Technologies blog
Fahad Ahmed – codeDAX
Zubair Ahmed – Zubair’s Microsoft Dynamics AX blog
Johan van Veldhuizen – Sharp Dynamics Magazine
Einar Lárusson – Dynamics Ax Enterprise Portal Explorer
Pradeep S. Itnal – axfactory

Dynamics Ax MSDN and technet blogs
Florian Dittgen – Blogging about Ax, BC .NET and the Enterprise Portal (moved to blogspot)
Issues concerning X++ – Into X++
Dynamics Ax Performance team – When fast isn’t good enough
EMEA Dynamics AX Support Team – Possibly an article for every error message in Ax
Dynamics AX Sustained Engineering Team – About patching and servicing Ax
Microsoft Dynamics AX SDK Updates Blog – Find out what’s new in the Dynamics Ax SDK
Michael Fruergaard Pontoppidan – mfp
Dynamics AX Integration using AIF – Integration scenarios, problems, solutions, etc.
Dianne Siebold – News and ramblings on the Dynamics AX SDK documentation

AX Tools
SmartStart 3000 Central – By Patrick Kränzlin
AxAssist – Microsoft Dynamics AX development tool

Blogs about Dynamics Ax and other things
Kenny Saelen – About Dynamics Ax, Gaming, …
Kevin Roos – About C#, X++, Ubuntu tips, …

msdynamicsax – Handy Ax links
Axapta – Tweets about Axapta
DynamicsAxDev – Hey, that me on Ax!


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