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August 16, 2011 at 18:14
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Hi all.

Here’s a list of af few reasons why I think it is important to fix those best practice errors :-).

Improved performance
Many best practices have an influence on performance. For example, it is best practice to set the property CreateRecIdIndex to True on tables with Created/Modified DateTime fields. If you don’t, this will have an adverse effect on the performance of those tables.
Another example is that if you adhere to the best practices concerning the construction of classes and the use of batch classes, it will be much easier to improve performance by enabling batch multi-threading.

Improved readability of code
When all developers follow best practices about formatting of code, the code will be more readable and easier to understand. Avoiding dead code and removing unused variables will also make the code less confusing.

Developers learn
There are a lot of handy things you can learn by solving best practice deviations. Adding fields to field groups for example is a great way to avoid customizations to forms. And by figuring out what configuration is needed on a menu item, you learn about what effect configuration keys have on you solution.

Improved security
Adding security and configuration keys is vital to good security. When ignoring best practices, an unauthorized user might cause a big mess that you’ll have to clean up.

Certified for Dynamics AX
Making sure your solution is best practice deviation free goes a long way towards passing the Software Solution Test.

Better user experience
Some best practices have to do with labels, help texts, descriptions for batch task, etc. If you ignore those, it will be more difficult for the user to understand the solution you created.

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