AX2012: SysOperation introduction

August 21, 2011 at 17:28
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Hi everyone!

Dynamics AX 2012 introduces a new way for creating batches, without using the RunBaseBatch class. The SysOperation* classes are part of the Business Operation Framework, and can be used to create these batches.

Some documentation is already available on MSDN about the BOF and the SysOpertation classes, but I was still confused when creating such a batch class. That is why in the next 3 days, I will cover the basics on how to create these batches, so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

I hope to get some feedback too, because not everything is crystal clear to me either :-).

But anyway, this is what you can expect in the next 3 days:

Day 1 (link)
A demonstration on how to create Data Contract classes and Service Operations. You will also learn how to use attributes like DataContractAttribute and DataMemberAttribute, and at the end, we will already have a working batch class.

Day 2 (link)
We will take a closer look at the SysOperationServiceController class, and will be creating our own controller. This will allow us to set properties on our Data Contract based on Args. This is useful when you batch is started by a button on a form that is linked to a datasource.

Day 3 (link)
To make a fully functional batch, we need to be able to overwrite methods on our dialog field like lookup and modified. We also want to be able to change the properties of these fields, like enabling or disabling them. That’s just what the SysOperationAutomaticUIBuilder class is for, and we’ll look into that.


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    How to add the default button on the UI like we get from the RunBase Class method”showDefaultButton” which resets the value?

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