Error 1740: The endpoint is a duplicate

May 6, 2009 at 13:42
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Today, I came across the following error when trying to start an AOS:

Error 1740: The endpoint is a duplicate

This error occurs when the port that is specified in the server configuration of the AOS is in use by another process.
You’ll also find an entry in the event log on the AOS:

Object Server 03: RPC error: The Dynamics Server could not be started because TCP Port 2752 is already in use.

To figure out what process is using the port, you can use the Netstat command on the server. You’ll find something like this if an AOS is using the port:

TCP AOSServer:2752 DBServer.domain:ms-sql-s ESTABLISHED

It is possible that an other process is using that port, so either terminate that process or restart the AOS that’s occupying the port.
When you have more then one AOS on the server, the problem is figuring out what AOS is using the port.
You can search all server configurations for the port, but in my case, an AOS was connected to the wrong port because of a bug of some sort, so I used a program called CurrPorts.
CurrPorts shows you more information than the Netstat command, and gives you the option to terminate a TCP/IP connection.
I only needed to restart the AOS that was using the wrong port and the problem was solved.

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  1. Jeroen Doens

    Already got a similar problem and CPort is a lifesaver!