Large and strange font sizes in menus for Dynamics AX 2012 on remote sessions

February 14, 2018 at 13:13
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Hi all!

When you open a Dynamics AX 2012 client (RTM/FP/R2/R3) on a remote session it sometimes looks pretty weird. Font sizes are all over the place and overall it doesn’t look that great. See for example in the following screenshot:

You can get better results by changing the properties of the shortcut if you check the checkbox Disable display scaling on high DPI settings on the Compatibility tab.

The result is better but still not entirely accurate:

You can get the best results by changing the display settings on you host system (so the PC or laptop you are working on). I have Windows 8.1 but you should find a similar setting on other versions of Windows in the Display section of the Control panel.
Microsoft recommends 125% scaling by default, but I prefer to set it at 100%. Setting it to 100% will also give you the best results for Dynamics AX 2012 in remote sessions. So, on your system, change the setting to 100% as seen in the following screenshot.

This property will only be active after you sing off and sign in again, so do that also.

If you connect to a remote session now, you will see that the scaling of the text in Dynamics AX 2012 is now accurate. This will improve your experience and your screenshots.


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  1. Shoot

    This is a very useful tips! Thank you.

  2. Andy

    It worth noting that sometimes on a customer environment, with shared dev accounts, you are not allowed to change these setting. Sometimes sign out and login again will make fonts normal, because Windows resolves and keep desktop setting during login, thus when somebody with 4k display left session just disconnected you are logged in and see big fonts sized for 4k.