AX Setup: autorun.hta is not a valid win32 application

February 1, 2014 at 00:18
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When running setup.exe to install Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 you can run into the following error:

autorun.hta is not a valid win32 application

As seen in the following screenshot.
autorun.hta is not a valid win32 application

In my case, the problem was due to incorrect file associations.

To correct these, go to Control Panel – Programs – Default Programs – Associate a file type or protocol with a program.
Locate the .hta extension and make sure it is associated with the Microsoft (R) HTML Application host application. You can change this by clicking the Change program… button.

The following screenshot shows the correct setup for the .hta extension.
hta file association


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  1. Joel

    Didn’t work

  2. Klaas Deforche

    Hi Joel,
    Sorry to hear that. It worked for me on multiple occasions and multiple machines.
    What did resolve it for you? Or are you still facing the error. In that case, can you give some more info (are you running it from a cd, an image, locally, or over the network,…)

  3. Nauman Ikram

    This file open everytime while clicking on setup.exe
    How to get rid of this to get setup first page for component selection.

  4. Klaas Deforche

    That’s not normal… what program does it use to open the setup.inf file? Did you modify that file in any way? Do you have that problem on all machines?

  5. Erick Aldi

    Thank you very much! It really helped me a lot and it worked! :)

    Greetings from Guatemala!