Microsoft closing AX newsgroups

May 10, 2010 at 10:39
filed under Dynamics AX

Microsoft will begin closing its newsgroups, including the Dynamics AX newsgroups, as announced here:

It’s a shame, because I visit the AX development group using the web based news reader daily, and I will miss it.

Where will we go now? To the Dynamics Forums?


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  1. Jonas

    Well, hopefully this will give us a better tool for getting help from other Ax developers “out there”. E.g. the forums will hopefully make it more easy to upload screen dumps.

    But what I really would like is for MS to play a more active role in these communities. Most questions in the newsgroup unfortunately remain unanswered – although it is obvious that someone, somewhere knows the answer…

    But what I really wish for is that MS just for a couple of months would stop adding new stuff to Ax and just spend all their time on updating the documentation for ALL code in Ax. As of today, I guess about 75% of Ax methods are completely undocumented and that is a shame.


  2. s jones

    Microsoft should close all these groups and provide a proper support desk which is properly funded and adequately ammneed wih epxert resource.

    Clients not on AMC should not get Microsoft, or Partner support – if support is not proeprly funded then it will be poor – poor support = poor implemetations = poor references etc .

    Curently the newsgroups provide more accessible help than the support desk and Microsoft MVPS provide help that often is not known by their own support desk – so the partners and customers who pay for support get a worse deal than those who don’t . a self help system or pay by the hour support is not the answer for a global erp solution with the sophistication and breadth of Ax.