X++ editor bug?

April 14, 2010 at 19:02
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Hi All!

There’s this little bug in the X++ editor that I find fairy annoying.
When you paste text at the beginning of a line, the first character get overwritten.

I demonstrate it in the next video:

Is it just me?


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  1. Vail

    Nope, not just you. The AX2009 editor does that and not only at the beginning of the method.
    When copy/pasting a block of code it will always delete a space from the line below the block copied….


  2. Thomas

    Definitly not. Crappy bug that you simply get used to.

  3. Peterson

    Not only to you, happens to me too!

  4. Daniel

    I found another bug in Editor.

    When you select a word for finding and press Ctrl-F, it appears in the textbox on Find and Replace form. Then, if you close that form, select another word and try to find it pressing again Ctrl-F, the previous word appears again in the Find form.

    I overcame it doing some changes on SysEditorSearch form, editor() method:

    // Due to a system bug, the search string is obtained from currentline() method
    editorString = substr(_editor.currentLine(), _editor.selectionStartCol(), _editor.selectionEndCol() – _editor.selectionStartCol());
    editorString = _editor.searchString();

    I have AX 2009 Rollup 4.
    I hope that can be helpful for you.


  5. Daniel

    I’m sorry I forgot to ask

    Is it just me?


  6. David

    The find issue also happens for me.

  7. Klaas Deforche

    Hi Daniel,

    Yes you are right, I have that bug to, nice find.

    Like you said, this solves the find issue:
    Rplace this: (form SysEditorSearch.editor() on line 16)

    editorString = _editor.searchString();

    with this:

    editorString = substr(_editor.currentLine(), _editor.selectionStartCol(), _editor.selectionEndCol() - _editor.selectionStartCol());
    editorString = _editor.searchString();

    Nice find!

  8. Daniel

    Hi Klaas!

    Where developers can submit the issues that they could find?
    Is there some official page for submitting? I couldn’t find it.

    Thanks in advanced!

  9. Klaas Deforche

    Hi Daniel,

    I guess you can log them where you normally log your issues:

    For parters: PartnerSource or MS Premier Online
    For customers: CustomerSource

    You could also ask your contact at Microsoft.

    There will be a new X++ editor in AX60, so some bugs will be solved that way.