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January 8, 2010 at 19:34
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Someone on the Microsoft AX newsgroups asked how to get a list of directories and subdirectories given a folder. Here a job that does that:

static void KlForLoopFoldersSystemIO(Args _args)
    int                 k;                  // counter for result loop
    container           dirs;               // container for result
    filePath            path = @"C:\temp";  // input path

    container getDirectories(str _dir, boolean _inclSubDirs = true)
        container           dList;          // container to cast array into
        int                 i;              // counter for array loop
        System.Array        directories;    // array for result from .NET call
        #Define.Pattern("*")                // input pattern: * = all

        // assert interoppermissions for .NET interop
        new InteropPermission(InteropKind::ClrInterop).assert();

        // get directories using .NET interop
            // include subdirectories
            directories = System.IO.Directory::GetDirectories(_dir, #Pattern, System.IO.SearchOption::AllDirectories);
            // only top directory
            directories = System.IO.Directory::GetDirectories(_dir, #Pattern, System.IO.SearchOption::TopDirectoryOnly);

        // loog .NET array and put the values in a container for easier use in x++
        for( i=0;i<ClrInterop::getAnyTypeForObject(directories.get_Length()); i++ )
            dList = conins(dList, conlen(dList)+1, ClrInterop::getAnyTypeForObject(directories.GetValue(i)));

        // revert assertion to prevent multiple calls to the assert() method

        // return result container
        return dList;

    // get directories
    dirs = getDirectories(path);

    // use optional parameter to disable sub directories
    // dirs = getDirectories(path, false);

    // print the result
    for(k=1;k<= conlen(dirs); k++)
        // print the result to screen
        info(conpeek(dirs, k));

    // we're done

Also check my post about how to loop files in a folder (method loopfilesSystemIO)

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