An instance of Microsoft Dynamics AX Configuration is already running

October 28, 2009 at 19:00
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When you start the Microsoft Dynamics AX Configuration Utility, you might get the following message:

An instance of Microsoft Dynamics AX Configuration is already running. Only one instance can be run at a time.

You get this message because, obviously, the utility is already running, and you can’t start two instances. So, just click ok, look in the task bar for the Configuration Utility, and go from there.

But… but… There is no AX configuration utility active!
Most likely, you are logged into a machine using remote desktop, where an other user has the configuration utility active.

You can check this in using the Task Manager.
1. Right click the Task Bar and start the Task manager,
2. On the processes tab, make sure you see the processes for all users (there’s a checkbox or a button at the bottom) ,
3. Now look for the process called AxCliCfg.exe,
4. You can contact the user to ask him to close the Configuration Utility, or you can kill the process yourself.

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  1. Jeroen Doens

    ‘You can contact the user’, that is why my configuration utillity was suddenly gone yesterday ;-) I knew it was you!