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September 9, 2009 at 13:00
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This is an article I wanted to write for some time now, and it’s about two things: Dynamics AX, and Google.
The goal here is to try to know what lives in the Dynamics AX world.

A nice feature Google search has is autocomplete. It comes in handy when you have to write hard to write words, or when you just want to search faster.

It’s also a nice way to discover what people are querying for about a certain subject, for example Dynamics AX. Here’s a list of item Google suggests when you type “Dynamics AX ” in the search box.

dynamics ax 2009
dynamics ax jobs
dynamics ax training
dynamics ax certification
dynamics ax modules
dynamics ax blog
dynamics ax workflow
dynamics ax 4.0
dynamics ax aif
dynamics ax demo

I don’t want to make an opinion piece out of this, so I’ll just break this up in groups without further comment.

General: 2009, 4.0, modules & demo
Jobs and Certification: training, certification & jobs
Functionality: workflow & AIF
Community: Blog

While you don’t know the context of these queries, it’s nice to know what people are interested in.
Try it for a few subjects, and you might find out some interesting things.

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